Google Apps, Extensions and Add-Ons Assignment


1. In this learning module, you had an opportunity to learn about Chromebooks in the Classroom, as well as review information about Google Apps, Extensions, and Add-ons. Review the list of Apps, Extensions, and Add-ons that you installed.

2. After installing your Apps, Extensions, and Add-ons, try them out and test their functionality. If you don’t like what you have selected, check out some other ones in the Chrome Web Store.

3. Create a table in an online word doc with three headings:  Apps, Extensions, and Add-Ons. List two or more in each category that you added to your Google environment.

4. Write a short summary in paragraph form using Google Docs that details what you installed and how you think you will use them in the classroom. Include a screenshot of at least one App, one Extension, and one Add-on OR create a short screencast ( or another screencasting tool of your choice) that summarizes and shows one of each.

5. Submit your online word document and/or your screencast link to your instructor.

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