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Enhancing Assignment

Enhancing Instruction Final Assessment

Assignment 2

During this module you have completed a number of activities. There is no culminating assignment, but here is a list of the activities for you to check off to make sure you have completed the objectives of this module. 

1. Identified a lesson you teach that you would like to improve or create.

2. Selected a graphic organizer program and created an account so you can save your work and add to it in future activities.

3. Reviewed the definition of differentiated instruction.

4. Added at least 3 ideas or tools to your graphic organizer. Included hyperlinks to some of technology resources and tools you feel can enhance your lesson.

5. Added some of the strategies and technology resources from the Tech Best Practice site to your graphic organizer.

6. Explored one or two interactives and created one assessment to go with your lesson. Added a hyperlink to the assessment (quiz, survey, poll, or rubric) you created to your graphic organizer.

7. Tried one of the free text-to-speech converters.

8. Identified a Visual Tool that you could use for your lesson.

9. Explored and identified an audio resource for your lesson.

10. Looked over the Digital Storytelling tools on the Teacher Site including Apps and Online tools and identified one or more that could be a valuable addition to your lesson. 

11. Completed your lesson plan to include your graphic organizer and a list of some of the resources that you feel would be useful additions to explore. Saved your lesson plan so that it can be shared with others. Included a short paragraph, or used your favorite social media tool, and shared your lesson and some of the ideas and tools you feel are helpful for addressing different learning needs of students.

12. Shared the url of your lesson plan with your instructor.