Self-Paced Professional Development Modules!

The 21 Things modules should take 10 hours to complete and help educators make connections between technology tools and best practice instructional strategies. These modules can be used for customized professional development by schools or educational service agencies.

The goal of these modules is to help educators make connections between technology tools and best practice instructional strategies.

  • These should take between 10-15 hours to complete.
  • These modules are aligned with the ISTE Standards for instructional technology for educators and have an ISTE Seal of Alignment.
  • These may be used professional development credits by schools or educational service agencies.

Assessment for Teaching and Learning. Get to know the tools available for creating online assessment experiences with quick feedback and progress tracking to collect perception, progress monitoring, performance and demographic data. Learn where to locate local, state and national demographic data.

Coding in the Classroom. Learn about coding resources and strategies for bring coding into your classroom content areas.

Digital Age Teaching and Learning. Embrace the paradigm shift that is moving away from teaching basic technology skills and into the new landscape of digital immersion.

Dynamic Presentations. Learn about best practices and how to give a top-notch presentation that is engaging and hits home with your message.

Enhancing Instruction for All Learners. Explore different ways to enhance your lessons with the effective integration of technology resources to address different learning needs. This includes the principles, best practice, interactives, and addressing learning barriers.

Extending Your Classroom to the Cloud.  Learn about different ways the Cloud can enhance your teaching and help you flip your classroom through the use of a variety of resources in the Cloud.

Google Apps, Extensions and Add-Ons. Learn how to use a host of applications available for educators and classrooms to enhance creativity, collaboration and communication. These are great for individual use, lab use, and classrooms on wheels (Chromebooks, PC’s, iPads, Mobile devices, tablets and more).

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity. Want to be more productive, efficient, organized in your work and personal life? Learn how to use an assortment of tried and true applications.

Media Literacy. Fake or Real? Do you know which sites are reporting the truth? Can you tell the difference between real and fake information? Even more importantly, can your students differentiate between real and fake news?

Personalized Learning. Learn about techniques and resources to support a personalized environment in your classroom setting.

Searching Safely and Strategically. Learn to use educational databases that provide a safe environment and valid information.

Transforming Education – The Maker Movement. What is this all about? What do you need? How do you get started? Join the movement to activate your students in fun and engaging projects.

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