Additional Resources

Visual Learning

1. PearlTrees  is a unique way to gather urls, photos and content and organize them in a tree format to share with others

2. Drop Mind where you can create FREE visual and interactive presentations or mindmaps

3. MindMeister lets you work together online, and has a mobile application

4. Creately is a place for diagramming and mind mapping

5. Draw Anywhere flowcharts, diagrams and organizational charts

6. ABCya  includes educational games for kids, including Word Clouds

7. Kaywa  has a quick and easy QR code creator

8. Mindmup is a great mind mapping tool to create and share publicly 

9. Infotopics - An infopic is a photo with text layered on top that is designed to communicate a message. Check out Tony Vincent's tutorial for creating infotopics. 

10. Smore - Create beautiful newsletters and posters in just minutes. The free version does have limited backgrounds and allows 200 monthly emails. 


iPad Apps

Learn about the Popplet Lite app


Visual learning ipads

5 apps for the iOS platform for QR Codes and Augmented Reality.

iPad app (1)



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