Additional Resources

Evaluation & Assessment

1. Check out the 22iTRIG-AWARE  site to prepare students for online testing in Michigan. 

2. Visit the MISchoolData portal for achievement and demographic data for Michigan schools.  For specific connections to Michigan School Improvement, visit and review chapters 5 and 10. 

  MISD Book

3. Rubrics for Teachers

4. Tech4learning Rubric Maker

5. If you are looking for some examples of identifying and measuring process data in a school, it will be helpful to look at the chart on page 3 in this article by Dr. Bernhardt, Measuring School Processes.  

6. Response Systems (Clickers) clicker friendly classroom activities

7. Kwiksurvey

8. Survey Monkey has over a dozen types of questions to choose from when creating a survey. There are ready-made templates, results can be downloaded quickly into a spreadsheet, all languages are supported, and the questions can be randomized when purchasing the Pro version. This site does offer educational pricing and a limited FREE version. For quick start, visit here.

Survey Monkey

9. for free online testing and assessment.

10. Edpuzzle is the easiest way to engage your students with videos. Pick a video, edit or crop, add audio notes/tracks, add quizzes, and add a no skipping feature. Watch this video for assistance and visit this EdPuzzle resource site for teacher resources.

11. Quizizz is a new quizzing program that works on any device with a browser. There are pre-made quizzes or teachers can upload their own quizzes. 

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