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Digital Images

1. Looking for instructional support resources such as images, audio, video, and more that are unblocked by most filters? Check out the MISDIT Instructional Resources page.

2. Here are some additional sites where you can get FREE photos to use for projects:

3. The 2018 Social Media Image Sizes Guide is an incredible resources that explains what the best image sizes are for each social network and the image types to use. Every major social media platform is listed on here so you’re up-to-date with social media platform optimization.

4. PixlrPicMonkeyiPiccy, Lunapic and Canva are also great photo editing and accessorizing sites.

6. Try BigHugeLabs for a site to make posters, jigsaws, badges, etc.

7. Sites to create a digital slideshow: Kizoa, Smilebox, Animoto, Photosnack.

8. Another site to resize digital images - Picresize.

9. Additional avatar sites: Wimpyourself, Doppelme, and Weeworld

10. Find 3-D images at this site

11. Fun With Digital Images:  A handout from Carolyn McCarthy on how to use Fotoflexer for the classroom.

12. Use, or Piktochart  to create online posters and infographics.

13. Use Bing for the Classroom for adfree and safe searching of images for projects. Your school may sign up with Microsoft Bing for this service

14. Check out Fotojet a free online collage maker that enables users to quickly create amazing photo cards, collages and posters without the hassles of downloading or installing anything.

15. Meme Generator - The first online Meme generator. Create your own or view the large library of Memes. 

16. IMG Flip - easy to use Meme generator

17. Fotojet is a neat site to create online collages, posters, social media graphics and photocards

18. Scholastic has neat activities for students to help improve their photos

Images ipad showcases these 4 apps for the iOS platform for Photo Editing.


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