Additional Resources

Differentiated Instruction & UDL

1. We highly recommend the Premiere In-School Program, which provides special pricing and grants for schools. In regard to this particular activity, learn more about the readingmadeEZ program.

2.  Read the Words is a FREE text-to-speech converter that uses an avatar to speak. 

3.  Reach Every Student Through Differentiated Instruction - PDF from EduGAINS

4.  Balaboka is a text to speech program and requires an install.

5. Graphic organizers found in Thing 3 - Visual Learning Tools

6. Online textbooks from  or FREE eBooks at OpenCulture

7. Infographic for DI IS 

8. Hundreds of current event articles for students (aligned to standards) Newsela. The articles are categorized by standards, grade level, and in English or Spanish. showcases this app for the iOS platform. Learn about accessibility, use of Dragon Dictate, and speech-to-text/text-to-speech features on the site.


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