Communication Assignment

Choose Your Own Adventure

OPTION #1 Skype:

  • If you are new to Skype this is a recommended choice. Watch the Skype tutorial, then download Skype and create a username (ID) and a password that you will remember. Check with your school technology department to find out if access is blocked in your district. You may need to do this assignment on your home computer.

  • Plan a connection between yourself and another Skype user. If you are not sure if this person has a Skype account, you can search for them in Skype, or ask them directly. While you are connecting with this person, take a screenshot and post it in your Digital Portfolio.

  • Check out Microsoft in Education's Skype in the Classroom resources. Reflect briefly on how your Skype experience went and how you might use Skype in the classroom to connect your students with others outside of the classroom.

OPTION #2 Backchannel chat:

  • Use a backchannel chat for a lesson. If you choose Today's Meet, share the transcript of the lesson (no student last names, please). If you choose another Backchannel resource, take a screenshot showing the conversation.  Share that in your Digital Portfolio along with a short explanation of how you used either of these resources in your classroom.

OPTION #3 Google Hangouts

  • Participate in a Hangout using Google Hangouts with 2-4 other people from your cohort and discuss ways to use these types of communication tools in this Thing

  • If you use Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live, it will create a YouTube video. Post the link to the video in your Digital Portfolio. If possible, identify other ways to communicate using technology for the classroom.

OPTION #4 CAPspace

  • If your school has point to point H323 video conferencing equipment, then don't miss a visit to CAPspace. Discover available opportunities for collaboration with other classrooms (eg. Read Around the Planet). TWICE also provides a free searchable content database offering educators worldwide access to more than more than 2000 online fieldtrips and/or programs from over 300 different content providers.

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