Editing and Adding Content to Already Created Videos


Wouldn't it be great to share videos and not recreate the wheel? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to easily edit your own video or someone else's and add interactivity?

There are now resources available on the internet that will allow you to use someone else's video and edit it for your own needs. Not only are there editing features, but these resources allow you to embed interactive activities. Depending on the resource you choose you can add multiple choice questions, images and record your voice. There are now two popular choices that are teachers are using to edit videos and add interactivity.


1. You will choose between PlayPosit (formerly known as Educanon) or EdPuzzle. Go to each one, look at the features and then decide which one you will use for your assignment. 

a.  Playposit is an online environment used to create and share interactive video lessons. Teachers can use any video or screencast, edit and add activities to create what was a passive lesson into an interactive video lesson. You may add a video or search for one that has been uploaded to the site already. Once you create an account you can even add your students to your class. For detailed instructions to use PlayPost click here

b.  EdPuzzle is also an online environment to create and share interactive video lessons. Teachers can upload their own video or search for one from YouTube, Khan Academy, LearnZillion, National Geographic, Ted Talks, Veritasium, Numberphile, Crash course and Vimeo. Once you locate a video follow the prompts to trim the video, add voiceover, insert audio notes or embed questions. Watch this 1:13 minute demo video on EDpuzzle.  

2.  Now it is time to choose a video (your own or another's), edit and add interactivity. Research by Google shows that shorter is better when it comes to a finished product. After completing the research, they found that 3.5 minutes is the ideal length.

3.  After you have completed your project, share the url of your completed project with your instructor. 

4. Go to the Final Assignment once you have completed all the steps in this section. 




Addressing the ISTE Standards•T:

  1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity a,b,c,d;
  2. Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments a,b,c;
  3. Model Digital Age Work and Learning a,c,d;
  4. Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility b
  5.  Engage in Professional Growth and leadership c


  1. Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback;
  2. Cues, Questions, and Advance Organizers;
  3. Summarizing & Notetaking;
  4. Assigning Homework and Practice