Online Testing


As you have gone through this course you have learned about the different types of assessments and created your own. There are a number of reputable sites available that provide pre-made assessments and practice tests for students. 

Depending on the site, your students will be able to take the practice tests, see their results and share the results with you. 


1. You may have already taken the module Searching Safely and Strategically and learned how to use Michigan eLibrary (must be a Michigan resident).  Michigan eLibrary otherwise known as has a resource called Learning Express. In Learning Express there are test preparation materials and interactive practice exams that will help people improve their scores on academic, civil service, military, and professional licensing and certification exams, including the PSAT, SAT, GED replacement, TASC, test, and other exams. There are also many practice tests at all levels in math, english language arts and social studies. NOTE- you must be a Michigan resident to be able to use Learning Express and save your test results. 

a. Go to  Michigan eLibrary and click on databases. Scroll down until you see Learning Express. You may have to login into MeL with your drivers license/state ID or your library card ID so that it recognizes that you are in Michigan. 

b. When you reach Learning Express, you will have to create your own private login and password to use and take the tests. Begin taking a test and it will save your place and your score if you are logged in. 

c.  Search through the various tests and jot down the names of tests that may be helpful to your students. 

2.  Edulastic was launched in 2014 and has personalized powerful assessments for students. There are two versions, a free version, or an enterprise version for districts. Teachers can create customized next-generation assessments with items from publishers or from their own curriculum. They can choose from drag & drop, sentence response, graphing and more than 40 other technology-enhanced question types. Like Quizalize, teachers will receive a report showing where they can adapt instruction. 

a. Open up an internet browser and go to Edulastic and create a free account

b. Create an assessment with at least 5 questions that are original or edited from the assessment bank

c. Using your assessment document and share the assessment you created with your instructor

d. If there is time, have your students take an assessment that you create in Edulastic

3.  Next check out Quizhub. There are 100's of interactive quiz games for students in many different curricular areas. The site is subscription based, but students can play the games for free by clicking on them. 

a.  Open up an internet browser and go to Quizhub

b.  Click on an area of interest and play the quiz

c. Have your students try out the site

There are many interactive practice sites for students. They can be used for practice, remediation, formative or summative purposes. The examples above are some of the best. To check out additional resources go to Evaluation & Assessment 21Thing 17.

You have completed the lesson. Go to Final Assignment.   



Addressing the ISTE Standards•T:

  1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity b,c;
  2. Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments a, b, c, d;
  3. Model Digital Age Work and Learning a,b,c


  1. Setting Objectives/Providing Feedback;
  2. Generating & Testing Hypotheses;
  3. Identifying Similarities & Differences