Begin this module by watching this interesting video on assisting our students to be future ready. 


What you are going to learn in this module:

After completing this Module, the educator will:

  1. Know about perception and polling tools

  2. Know about progress monitoring and performance assessment

  3. Know about demographic data

  4. Understand how to access and collect data by selecting an appropriate assessment resource

  5. Make connections with technology standards and best practice

  6. Transfer the learning to professional practice by applying these resources to shape instruction and address professional needs

You will be documenting your learning as you go through each of the sections. You will create your assignment in TES Blendspace and you will share the URL with your instructor. Please visit the Final Assignment page before you begin. 

Move on to Perception

Note: This module should take no longer than 10 hours



Addressing the ISTE Standards•T:

  1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity b,c;
  2. Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments a, b, c, d;
  3. Model Digital Age Work and Learning a,b,c


  1. Setting Objectives/Providing Feedback;
  2. Generating & Testing Hypotheses;
  3. Identifying Similarities & Differences