Virtual Sessions & Recordings




Virtual classroom sessions are scheduled during the 21 Things cohort in conjunction with many of the different training schedules. Depending on your instructor, you will either attend the virtual sessions live or view the recordings at your leisure.

Attending live virtual sessions: For those attending a live session, information will be provided by the instructor which will include a link to the Adobe Connect Pro meeting classroom online. URL's will be provided by your host agency instructor(s). Some agencies 'team' up to deliver the sessions, and the sessions may be demonstrations, tutorials, and/or additional information to support the different 21things.

You will need to: 
1. login as a guest
type your name in the box provided on the login page (see image)
3. click on Enter Room to be entered into the virtual classroom.

Connectlogin***It's helpful to arrive a few minutes early to the virtual classroom to make sure you can see and hear the presenter.

Once you are entered into the virtual classroom you will see the instructor and other participant names listed in the attendee listing, and be able to use the chat area for discussions and ask questions.

The Instructor(s) will be able to interact with you from their own computing device, share their screen, demonstrate how to do the 'things,' and answer your questions. You are welcome to attend live (online) as many of the sessions as you like, and are expected to 'attend or watch' all of them if you are taking this for credit (SCECHs or Grad Credit). These sessions are recorded, saved, and a link posted on this page.

Attending for the first time: The instructor will provide the URL in advance of the session. It is important to check your browser to make sure your computer can connect to the virtual classroom session successfully (a slow, or dial-up connection will not work).
Please click on the Adobe Connect instructions sheet, provided in the Learning Resources below, to learn what you need (headset with microphone is recommended), and how to test your computer before attending the first session. There is a 
mobile app available  which can be used on various mobile devices, however your viewing will be enhanced with a screen that is at least 10" in width.

Adobe Connect Learning Resources

Adobe Connect instructions  to connect to a session with a computer (pdf file) 
Adobe Connect Visual Quick Start Guide for Participants  (.pdf from Adobe)

Great tutorials from Syracuse University and Adobe