Additional Resources


1.  ooVoo - FREE 2-way video chat. You can add up to 6 participants with a paid account, record it, and use audio and/or voice from your desktop.

2. Skype ideas - EdTechideas

3. ePals is a global "pen pal" and project service that has several features allowing your students to connect with other students and classrooms. Students can find an "ePal" to communicate with through the ePals portal (similar to a pen pal), or you can search for a class from anywhere in the world and communicate with them.

4. What is the point of #hashtags ?

5. Google Plus Communities -  Did you notice as you hover over the home button how Google Plus Communities is listed?  Google Apps in Education, STEM on Google+, or the EdTech Community are great ones to join. 

6. CAPspace - Discover available opportunities for communication and collaboration with other classrooms (eg. Read Around the Planet). TWICE also provides a free searchable content database offering educators worldwide access to more than more than 2000 online fieldtrips and/or programs from over 300 different content providers.

7. How One Stupid Tweet Was Life Changing

twitterapps showcases these 3 apps for the iOS platform for Connecting and Communicating.

remind101 showcases this app for the iOS platform for educators to stay in touch with students and parents. 

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