Additional Resources

Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies

  1. TED Talks on Education Topics - spotlighting some of the recent trends in educational technology.
  2. Edutopia - created by the George Lucas Foundation, this is a great resource for K-12 Education and Learning.
  3. Emerging Edtech - a popular blog with weekly posts on emerging technologies in education
  4. Intel Teach Elements - Free courses on 21st Century Educational Technology topics.
  5. Check out this great TED Talk on Building a school in the Cloud!
  6. 3D Printers in the Classroom- Why Every School Should have One
  7. How and why to get started using 3D Printers in the classroom
  8. Invent to Learn by Martinez and Stager
  9. MakerFaire - Maker Movement
  10. encourages students to embrace computer science. Learn about the Hour of Code which has applications for students ages 4+
  11. 15 Best Augmented Reality Apps - Augmented reality means building upon the real, physical world around us by displaying information overlays and digital content tied to physical objects and locations. With an augmented reality app, you can bring a static print ad to life, or watch a movie trailer by pointing your smartphone camera at a poster, or discover nearby establishments and landmarks with your mobile device.