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Creative Commons Images

In some instances, you may need to insert the images on certain works. For the html code, please visit the Creative Commons website. To use the images below, right click and save as an image.



Copyright and Creative Commons

  1. Copyright with Cyberbee
  2. Open Educational Resources
  3. FlickR-About Creative Commons
  4. No! You Can't Just Take It! - check out this blog
  5. Using Music in Projects, Videos and How to Protect your Own Music and Videos - Check out this blog from School Video News that tells you exactly what can be used and how in student projects.
  6. How to find free music for videos - Check out this plethora of creative commons music sites that you and your students may use in presentations, digital storytelling, etc.

Additional Plagiarism Checkers

  1. Smallseotools
  2. DustBall
  3. Custom Writings