Additional Resources


  1. Format Factory requires a download, and is a FREE multifunctional media converter
  2. FormSwift converts .pdf format to .doc
  3. PDFtoWord converts .pdf formats to .doc
  4. Convertfiles converts a variety of files
  5. Docspal converts a variety of formats
  6. Someone sent you a tiny url and you want to know the origin. Copy and paste the url into Unshorten to get the real location
  7. Text Compactor Free online automatic summarization tool
  8. LiveBinders is a free web resource which is billed as replacing your 3-ring binder. You can integrate all of your web activities and resources in one place, with surveys, videos, slide shows, assignments and more. You can not only organize online materials, but also collaborate and share the resources.
  9. Tasks in Office 365 is a great way to manage your to-dos and get reminders.
  10. Redirect Tracker is a neat way to check a short or affiliate URL to see where it goes (e.g. or
  11. Google workflows worksheet

Evernoteapps showcases these three apps for the iOS platform for Productivity.