Web Resources to Improve Your Performance


There are a variety of web resources that will assist you in becoming more productive. The obvious applications such as Google & Office 365 are included in some of the other things. In this thing we are focusing on URL shorteners, online calendar sharing, file conversion and productivity apps which can assist teachers in increasing their producitivity.

URL Shorteners

(URL = Uniform Resource Locator, or the web address)

URLs can often be quite long and difficult to type or remember.  Which of these URLs would you have your students type? OR OR

Most likely you chose one of the  2 "shorter" ones!  The shorten URL saves time and frustration. 

There are a variety of sites that provide shortening services.  Some simply create a shortened URL and allow for personalization (TinyURL, Bitly) while other services provide some statistical data about the sites you shorten (Bitly).


bitly     Bitly




Google Calendar


Outlook Calendar


Apple Calendar
  1. Google calendar- quick-start guide to Google calendar
  2. Microsoft Outlook calendar- Video tutorial for the calendar
  3. Office 365- Watch this video to learn more about the calendar in Office 365
  4. Apple Calendar- Apple Help Center for the calendar

A few of the ways calendars are used by educators

  1. Create different calendars for different types of events and classes and be able to see them merge
  2. Post class assignments, quizzes and tests so students and parents can see when things are due
  3. Post department and school meetings
  4. Post school events like plays, concerts, sports
  5. Post lunch menus
  6. Create a school calendar with vacation days, parent teacher conferences
  7. Model the use of calendars for the students

File Conversion

Online Convert Logo

There are times when files need to be converted to another format and OnLine Convert will easily convert a variety of files. For example, someone sends you a .pdf and you need to be able to edit it. Online Convert will convert the .pdf to a Word Doc. Just select the conversion that is needed, click on Go, upload the file and then download the new file once it is converted.

Online Covert

Productivity Apps

These apps help you easily stay organized and are designed to function on Smartphones and tablets.  

Wunderlist : available for free on iPhoneiPadMacAndroidWindowsKindle Fire and the Web

Trello : designed to help you work collaboratively with others : coordinates your calandars and works well with other devices.